Dynamics 365 Commerce

Enable connected commerce

Extension services
Partners can develop extension services through a rich developer eco system. Extensions follow the same paradigm as out-of-box services and seamlessly integrate into the commerce engine.

Overridden services
Partners can write new extension services but also override existing out-of-box services to tweak the commerce engine towards their customers’ needs.

Core framework services
The framework services are the central runtime that orchestrates the various out-of-box and extension services and provides common functionality critical to run modern, performant, and reliable services.

Microsoft is taking a focused approach to enable retailers

Unified purchase experience

Consistent omnichannel digital engagement
Customer preference capturing


Centralized operations

Optimized merchandising
Effective inventory and supply chain management
Comprehensive order fulfillment
Embedded intelligence

Technology unification

Unified Customer data
Custom and automated workflows
Extended retail experiences
New retail opportunities with modern tools

Microsoft ecosystem supporting connected commerce

Consistent omnichannel digital engagement:

Connected e-commerce platform

  • “No code” editorial & theming tools

–Content Management System

–Digital Asset Manager

–Runtime Image Resizer

–Store Starter Kit


  • Intelligent Device Support ensure a consistent experience across any device and platform
  • Enable customers to sign in with their social identities and view their purchase history from all channels
  • Secure and seamless checkout with integrated modern omni-payments