Dynamics 365 Marketing

Unified data:

Align sales and marketing for deeper insights

  • See a single view of the customer with Dynamics 365 Sales to unify data across contacts, leads, and customers
  • Leverage dataflow templates in Power BI to help you unify, analyze, and get actionable insights from Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Sales data
  • Track and prioritize leads across all touch points with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades. Lead scoring helps you determine when a lead may be ready to become a prospect

Dynamics 365 Customer insights:

Gain a holistic view of your customers

  • Bring together all your transactional, observational, and behavioral data for consumers and enterprises to get a holistic view of customers
  • Build powerful 360-degree contact profiles on top of rich pools of customer data with AI and intelligence from Microsoft Graph
  • Use an intuitive and flexible customer data platform (CDP) to unlock insights and power personalized customer experiences
  • Employ quick-start ML templates to predict churn or the next best action
  • Get the next best actions and discover new audience segments with AI-driven recommendations

Channel Integration Framework:

Build and use your own communication channels

  • Bring your own third-party channel providers with the Channel Integration Framework to embed communication widgets in the Unified Interface
  • Integrate communication widgets catering to one or many of the different channels—voice, chat, and email
  • Support inbound and outbound communication according to your business and process workflows

Microsoft Flow:

Scale with automated business workflows

  • Seamless integration with Flow; create flows that initiate when an event occurs in Dynamics 365
  • Flow templates to automate business logics and workloads such as:

A weekly email summary of new Dynamics 365 opportunities

Dynamics 365 Sales accounts to Dynamics 365 Operations customers

Receive an announcement when an opportunity wins

Start a deal approval when a Dynamics 365 opportunity is won

  • PowerApps lets you quickly generate, customize, share, and run mobile apps with little or no code

Multichannel campaigns:

Customize campaigns for your audience

  • Deliver and manage multichannel campaigns with automated communication, make automated decisions, generate internal tasks, follow up with communication, respond to customer interactions, and more
  • Use an embedded segmentation engine to set up sophisticated, dynamic marketing segments that target campaigns
  • Bring together behavioral, demographic, and firmographic target prospects
  • Create customized paths for each contact in the target group that reacts to their interactions and help them identify your best prospects
  • Track campaigns and analyze results to build profitable, long-term relationships

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Understand your audience

  • Get profiles and data integrated with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, including related leads
  • Understand what customers are interested in through the content they share on LinkedIn
  • Receive alerts in real-time when leads change jobs, connect with someone in their network, or are mentioned in the news
  • Get embedded insights that reveal the next best action based on a customer and their interaction data from LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, and Office 365
  • Send InMail, messages, and customized connection requests from Dynamics 365

Customer journey:

Target and reach the right customers

  • Understand customer needs better needs by conducting online surveys and then applying your findings to your marketing activities.
  • Target the right audience and focus on the highest-priority leads with dynamic segmentation, AI-based segmentation boost, lead-scoring models, and smart scheduling to contact them at the right time
  • Improve marketing results with out-of-the-box dashboards and marketing analyzers or build your own custom dashboards.
  • Personalize, package, share, and track presentations with Office 365 and PointDrive
  • Keep track of buyers and their needs with contextual alerts

Dynamics 365 Market Insights:

Identify and act on market trends

  • Discover, track, and quickly react to key events, trends, and indicators that are most relevant to your business
  • Keep up to date with AI-curated insights about the customers, competitors, and products you care about
  • Better understand what people are searching for and saying about the products or companies you’re interested in
  • Rely on insights and news derived from Microsoft and other trusted, credible data sources