Automated Supply Chain and AI-generated reports for having complete control over effective manufacturing process

We create immersive experiences for all businesses regardless of their organizational models. Today, most companies are a combination of process, repetitive, discrete, lean, project, or E20 systems. Microsoft Dynamics caters to all forms and integrates seamlessly within moments.

Furthermore, complete visibility and real-time data analytics allow users to keep in check of important business processes at all times. This includes every aspect of the supply chain and provides coverage for each variant within the organizational ecosystem.

By eliminating much of the scramble, this complete software solution facilities long-lasting relationships with suppliers and employees alike. Thus, boosting your bottom line, and motivating the workforce to contribute to organizational success at all times. Most importantly, you can build meaningful relationships with customers through crucial business intelligence tools and collaborative features that enable unforgettable experiences. Verily, Dynamics 365 is a one-stop solution to accelerating operational performance, maximizing efficiency, and improving financial metrics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing – Everything in one place

  • Optimized Picking
  • Batch Optimization and Balancing
  • Variable Inventory and Order Tracking
  • Yield Planning and Tracking
  • Material & Capacity Planning
  • Resource management
  • Attribute Tracking and Dynamic Formula Adjustment
  • Input-Driven Process Specification
  • Customizable Item and Dimensionality Structure
  • Production Scheduling & Sequencing
  • Detailed Production Costs Analysis
  • Potency management
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Centralized Quality Control and Regulatory Support
  • Pareto analysis and Quality Requirements Planning
  • Routing and BOMs
  • Employee timekeeping
  • Document management and administration
  • Subcontracting
  • Demand forecasting
  • Shipping carrier interface
  • Returns management
  • Material Handling
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Production costing
  • Job card device page
  • Quality management
  • Customized Product and Packaging Capabilities
  • Project management and billing
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-site warehouse management