Consumers today are looking for a complete shopping experience. Our vision is to empower enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic by delivering that complete shopping experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS), Omni-channel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising financials, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed consumer expectations, and build enduring loyalty with superior time to value.
Convergex’s Retail Team with their experience guides you across the point of sales (POS), multi-channel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, business intelligence, and more, for full visibility across your entire retail business while turning data into insight and insight into action.
Convergex’s commitment to retail runs wide and deep, so if you’re a merchandiser you can speak to someone with a merchandising background. You will like the predictability of our approach: knowledge, skills, and results to the talking.