Digital Transformation

Start your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is becoming second nature for businesses. A growing number of organizations now have a digital transformation strategy that supports the delivery of their business plan.
Organizations are demanding cutting-edge digital thinking and technologies while keeping business, customer benefit, and value for money front and center. The requirements have never been greater to work with a digital partner who understands the business drivers for digital transformation. A partner that is responsive, agile, and consistently delivers on time and within budget.

As well as providing expertise across the digital delivery lifecycle, Incremental provides extensive expertise in supporting the business change associated with your digital transformation program.

Incremental offers a range of digital transformation services including:
1. digital strategy development
2. implementing a digital delivery framework
3. choosing and supporting the delivery of a methodology to deliver your program;
4. business case development and benefits realization for your digital program
5. development and execution of a change program to support digital delivery
6. development of user personas and mapping of customer journeys
7. development and implementation of enterprise information architecture to support the needs of your program

Digital Transformation Services

Software Selection
Incremental provides independent advice to buyers on developing, selecting, and implementing new software solutions.
We assess your current hosting and software usage, mapping these to your future requirements. Having established your existing current and desire future states, we prepare a plan to bridge the gap. As part of this, we undertake a cloud readiness assessment to understand and document how Incremental will support and deliver your new solution.
We use techniques such as proof of concepts and service modeling to help our customers assess the benefits of cloud hosting and software solutions.

Building the Business Case
Incremental helps organizations looking to build a business case for a new technology solution.
We offer a 5-day workshop for building a business case for a new ERP or CRM solution. We have condensed our 8-case model for business case analysis into a 5-day workshop to enable you to identify and articulate the benefits of the new solution.

Business Model Design
Our Business Model Design service is created for organizations looking to understand their value proposition and unique selling points. We provide an in-depth analysis of your current value proposition, product, or overall business. We then use our business model canvas to identify your opportunities for improving value to your customers.

Value Stream Mapping
Our Value Stream Mapping service is designed for organizations looking to streamline their organization. Value stream mapping is a flowchart method used to illustrate, analyze and improve the steps required to deliver a product or service.

Operations Management
Our Operations Management service is designed for organizations looking for a new way of working. Operations management is concerned with designing and controlling transactional processes and redesigning business operations for the delivery of goods or services. In turn, this creates Target Operating Models and a framework for the better use of technology to drive business process automation.

Customer Experience and Lifecycle Product Definition
Our Customer Experience and Lifecycle Product Definition service are designed for organizations looking to understand their customers better. Our consultants will work with you to understand and segment your customers, carry out an analysis of your customer channels and help you create key user stories.